The picture of today shows the view from our Hotelroom near JFK where we had to stay for the last night after missing our flight back home.
I have left it in our apartment in berlin. I will keep it for remembering.


Today was NOT our last day here. After getting lost in that subway-fuzzy-something in NYC we have missed our flight back to Europe. So we had another day here and we went to P.S.1. It was fun. I am proud to have my first picture at the MOMA. :-)
But the picture of today shows Macy's in NYC at night. We walked half the night from Little Italy back to Central Park.
Because of the chaotic trip back home the picture is not to find in the States. It is in Berlin.

Here is the finder



The picture of the day shows a policeman at Times Square in the middle of the street. Tomorrow will be our last day here in the States. (Now I know this was not like this.)
Because of the chaotic last days I have to left the picture at the lost & fonds desk in Berlin, TXL Airport.


The picture of today shows the Pier near Brooklyn Bridge. I have left the picture in Central Park at the dog statue. The Huskys name is Balto (right spelling? I don't know), but he is a real hero because he has helped to rescue lots of people in canada. Cool dog!


The picture of today shows a dead deer. We've saw a lot of them in Michigan. I always feel sorry for these animals dieing beneath the road. So as a memorial a have left the picture at the P.S.1, stair B in NYC.



Today it was Fathers Day. We went at Tammys House for a BBQ. We've met a lot of people of Tina's family there. It was really nice there. I would like to say thank you for meeting you. I hope we will see again. This picture is for you, Tammy, I hope you'll like it.

I have left the picture in Peshtigo, Wisconsin.

And I also want to say "Hello" to my Dad. We don't celebrate Fathers Day in this way you do, but I think it is a good way to say "Thank you, Dad".

So we will leave Michigan tomorrow and go to Chicago and then to NY. We will miss you. Take care.
It was wonderful to have met you guys, thanks a lot.

Here is Tammy the finder.




Today is my sisters Birthday. Dear Alex, all the best for you and a big hug from Luiz, Alex and me. I have painted a Birthday Cake for you. Hope everything is fine down in Vaals. Kisses for our mum, Hilde and Lotte. See you in August.

Have you got the Birthday Card? Sometimes it takes a little time from here.

I have left the picture at Wal-Mart between the peanut butter in Chicago.



Today we went to Macinac Island near the border to Canada. It was nice there and we camped at the Straits State Park. I am not a big camper, but it was really comfortable there. We have met this bird and it has followed us up to Paradise. I have left the picture at the Art Museum in Milwaukee.



With this picture I would like to say thank you to Sarah, Dan and Dennis for caring about Luiz and beeing also his hostfamily. It was wonderful to meet you and I will hope we will see again. Take care and all the best for you. I have left the picture in Stephenson, Michigan.


I am sorry for beeing so late.
With this picture I would like to say thank you to all people at Stephenson High School for teaching my son Luiz and for beeing his friend, for helping him and let him beeing part of your community. Thanks a lot. It was a big challenge for a 16 year old boy and it became a wonderful experience.
Thank you all.



Today we were fishing the whole day at Lake Mary. It was fun, but we has got a sunburn. I have left the picture there.

Here is the finder.
Hi Chris,

My name is Dale Broberg. I found your painting in June of 2007 by the sign at Lake Mary. I live just down the road from the lake and fish in it often. I was glad to see you got a chance to fish in it also. I hope you had fun and caught many fish! Thanks again for the painting!




Today nothing really happened, but it is so peaceful and beautiful here. I like it so much sitting outside and painting my picture, watching one Truck passing once in one hour. People we have met till yet were so kind. Thanks to all people in Stephenson who have given my son the opportunity to stay here and feel at home. Thanks to the teacher at Stephenson Highschool who teaches my son like the local pupils and shows him what a good community could be. And of course I thank you Tina and your family for being Luiz hostfamily. It is wonderful to be your guest and see how you are living. We hope that we see you very soon in Berlin. You all are very lucky people to live in such a beatiful area.

The picture of today shows Tina's Pudel Jazmine who is always in the middle of everything.

I have left the picture in the self service laundry in Stephenson, Michigan.

Here is the finder. Tank you Kyla for your comment and your photo. (Read her comment below.) Take care



I am really lazy. Sorry for that. I am getting used to doing nothing. We are at Tina's House sitting at the fireplace in the evening and telling stories. We are playing with the dogs and driving with tractors. We are listening to the coyotes and the frogs and to a lot of other animals we not know. So the picture of today shows Tina's horses. I have left the picture next to the flag in front of the House.


Here is the finder. Thanks a lot Tina.



This is the story about a german guy who becomes a real cowboy. First Cowboy drives his Truck thru the States, then he has bought a hat in Mexiko and now he is known as "Cowboy, the Scorpion". I love him.
I have left the picture in a barn in Stephenson, Michigan.

Here is the finder!



After a really long trip from New Mexiko back to Michigan we are now here at Tina's House. We have bought some food for tonight at Wal-Mart in Greenbay, Wiscosin where I have left the picture between the T-Shirts. Then we went out with the dog for a walk. I am so tired. It's so nice here. Thank you a lot, Tina.



Now we are going North to Albuquerque and then to Colorado. Beautiful Landscape and a wide sky. Our Van is going to mess up. It looks like a garbage can.
I have left the picture in Denver, Colorado at the window of the US Bank at 17 th street.

Here is the finder.

Please read her comment below.


We all need a day off, hanging at the pool down in New Mexiko.

We are here for a couple of days. Every evening we all sit outside in front of our room. Then first comes a cat and then the police looking for someone who has catched a kid or wears a red shirt. But normally we see nothing. We have been to the cavern in Carlsbad. It was so beautiful. I have left the picture in a newspaper box at a Gasstadion nearby Las Cruces Highschool.




I would like to give you an impression of the people we are hanging around with. By the way, a lot of kisses from John to Lisa. I think he misses you a lot, if he is not asleep.
I have left the picture in Las Cruces at the front door of our Motel.

Here is the finder.



A lot of white sand, blue sky and a group of crazy people. You don't need more to be very happy.
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexiko.
I have left the picture in the middle of nowhere in a little shop in a Village called Hope. A lot of greatings to the nice couple there. Thank you for the coffee.


Mexiko is nice and really hot. Alex has bought a new cowboy hat down in Juarez. And it works fine. Everyone says hello to him.
I have left the picture in the White Sand Museum in New Mexiko.



We are in Texas and saw some real cowboys. One of them had a broken leg but he was still very cool. If have left the picture in New Mexiko at the Missile Museum in White Sands.


If you kill a worker it costs 10.000 $ and 15 years in prison. So be carefull. Painting workers is for free. I have left the picture in Clovis, New Mexiko at a closed furniture & fine arts store. Chris