I thought this project was finished - but it is still going on!

Tina have told me that she has seen some more of the picture. Some of the finders don't have computers to post a comment or a foto. Maybe she could do that.

Even for me the project is not really finished. I had to made a documentation about this project for an exhibition and now I am working on new pictures. My focus is to mix parts of the original picture with details the finder told me. So the result is a new picture composed thru ideas of the finder and me. Genetic art. Haha!

Stay tuned


305 to 226 - project is finished!

Everythink is done. All pictures are distributed.

But if you have not answered till now, please don't hesitate to do that right now. My goal is, to know about every new owner of the pictures. Please don't be shy!

Thank you for your interest and all your comments and good wishes.
Lot of thanks to Tina, John, Stacy, Ave, Nathan, Lindsay, Barbara, Lee, Tammy and her family, my dad, my sister, Ute, Birgit, Claudia and of course Luiz and Alex.
I think we all had a lot of fun, I hope you too.
Bye, bye and take care