The first picture is finished. I have left it at O'Hare Airport , Chicago, Illinois.

We are not really in a good mood. We are tired and hungry. Everything is large and it takes a very long time. But I am sure things will getting better.
Bye for now, take care



What is 305 to 226?

305 to 226 is the title of my art project that lasts from May 30th to June 22th. During this time I will finish one picture every day on a trip from an unknown place to another. The picture will show an impression that represents the recent day. Every picture will be placed at a public location which is normally not a place where you expect a picture. Attached on every picture is a little plastic bag with the instruction sheet and the URL of this blog. I will post a foto from the daily picture at its "new temporary public showroom" here. Every finder of a picture is called to send a comment to this blog and tell us where the picture is now. We would like to see a foto of the picture and the finder to verify.
But everyone else who would like to post statements is welcome to be part of the project.

Thank you and stay tuned