Now we are going North to Albuquerque and then to Colorado. Beautiful Landscape and a wide sky. Our Van is going to mess up. It looks like a garbage can.
I have left the picture in Denver, Colorado at the window of the US Bank at 17 th street.

Here is the finder.

Please read her comment below.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,
I found the picture out side of the bank next door to the cafe I work at downtown. The first time I saw it I figured it belonged to the bank because they have a bunch of art everywhere so I left it where it was. It was raining later that day, I was going to cash my check and it was getting wet so I grabbed it and saw the note... pretty cool idea. I like it a lot... it reminds me of the drive in and out of Colorado... I've moved away and back again so many times, I think I even have actual photograph that’s almost a twin to your picture. It's almost funny how much it meant to me that I ended up with it. Thanks for doing this... oh, and am I supposed to leave it there or take it forever...??? & Peace. Samantha